This year 2020 I was having big aims for about a year ago! I was just in the after party of writing my first manuscript 2019 ‘Loyalty for ever’ and started to write the second manuscript with a clear spinn off of exactly that, 2020 . Being the highscore year with 20 points out of 20. The jackpot year! That is how things were about to go I thought, a year ago going into the 2020 with a lot of goals and ambition all inspired for a fantastic year. Obviously things were brought in other directions a bit during the year, but I completed the highscore book manuscript anyway ( queen of Calabasas ) being one of my greatest achievements ever, and that being one of my bigger goals for that year, I was so happy to check the box for that a couple of weeks ago!

This year has maybe brought a bit more humbleness to us with a lot going on about the pandemic and also in more secondary effects of it all with jobs houses isolations relations, everything really. Maybe we have gotten to think a bit more having all this around us and making us change our ways and maybe even for the better at times pushing us into directions of making better choices even and getting to think a bit more about how we chose our ways.

This year I have become Vegan, ( for better physically and for the animals and for the climate ) that was a big thing for me turning that around to make more good choices for a better way of being and live more kindly. Becoming Vegan brought a lot of other things to the table as well that I am super happy to have had the time to figure out my ways with. So I am probably more clean in my body and mind than ever before! It feels fantastic!

This year I have without a major reason or thought to it been super super sober, it kind of made sense when I worked so hard to clean out my body from negativities and shit and toxins ( I try to have my body more in an alkaline mode, detox mode antiinflammatoric mode raw food mode ) so it kind of makes sense with the non alcohol thing. And it feels great for me!

This year I have been more kind and listening to myself; working my ways through my own stories. I guess part of it trying to write books, it kind of gets to that core of being Me sometimes; the pure Me. Recognizing the one I am, all set with clear goals and ways and roads. So I guess a bit more spirituell in a way and a bit more ‘on the way’. ( I mean haven’t we all getting into our selves a bit more having the time to and spending so much time with our selves this year? )

This year brought a lot of good to me and maybe the biggest thing being that I completed ( a lot because of the isolation ) the second manuscript in my trilogy, so ‘Queen of Calabasas’ was a big thing for me and turned out to become a real brick weighted book script. That said…. This year I also started to write the outro part to the whole trilogy a couple of weeks ago. So there might be a light at the end of the tunnel at some point. That brings me straight to it…. What do I write about after this?

This year I spent a lot of quality time with my daughter and she is awesome! And we bought Henry the miniature dachshund puppy and we have been out a lot in the archipelago in the woods and traveling Sweden! Awesome!

This year I also started the music project that I been having on hold since for ever I feel, I needed the time basically to be able to get creative with it again. So I bought a piano and started to build a home studio and recording my own songs. This being one of the things I absolutely love to do, it’s an absolute aim to expand into the New Year goals for the upcoming year!

I just realized we have been kind of busy this year and it gets me thinking in what directions of goals and aims and roads we are getting for the New Year coming! I am exited to set the tone for what we are aiming for and write new goals again for the new year!


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