New year

A week since new year. I been letting it melt a bit with how I wanted to make my goals for the new year, if I should write them even, I guess it’s a good way to make things happen a bit more with having clear goals written. So I am thinking about what goals I actually do have!

The year started great, I love New Years, think it’s the best day of the year, and we found a great location with a view over the rooftops as well. We been spending the weeks in almost isolation, been to food shops though, but mostly just hanging out and walking the dog. Waiting for the snow to brighten things up a bit more, it’s been snowing but melting so pretty mild. Being in Sweden it’s a big difference for if it’s a bit of snow this time of the year since it’s compact nighttime at from about 3.30 in the afternoon until about 8 in the morning here in Stockholm. Although I have to say windows does make a big difference to feel more stabil this time of the year. So with me having my bedroom out at the balcony ( glassed in sunroom like balcony ) it does work great for me with getting the most out of the daylight I think and it gets me a bit more creative. Doing the self isolation a bit more ( Sweden is kind of open with all the shops open and very almost ‘normal’ in this pandemic still, I would say about 20 % of the people out in the food shops wear facemasks, and it’s just recently got to be recommended to wear facemask during rush hours in the busses and tubes ) so we decided to self isolate more anyway, since we can. For me trying to write my new book manuscript it’s kind of great with a bit of isolation so I am getting all tucked in at my balcony getting the story going. I absolutely love it and this morning it was a tiny layer of snow, hopefully it stays so it’s super nice at the balcony right now!

So yeah lots of white curtains and reflective materials might be the thing to go for with decorating the apartment a bit for after the holidays to bring the tone in and brighten things up a bit more for the new year coming.


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