Found a bit of room to be a bit more active here at the blog again. I been very busy with just about everything and thinking about how I want to make things happen for me forwards. So I started to think about it more after I realized the goals for the new year was a bit far away and very unclear, so I decided to figure it out a bit for myself and think about how I want to progress my things.

that brings me to presence… guess I am trying to continue to figure it out as it comes so I just let it happen and follow the line of thought.

I have been making a bit more music though. And I have finally made a bit more room to make the studio happen so that is a clear progress – get the home studio better and up and running.

While figuring this out I was recording a new song I was writing, I realized I was so indecisive so I even recorded the same song in two different beats of tacts as in 3/4 and one in 4/4. hahahaha. I mean it kind of speaks for this spring hahahahaha. I post them soon! Feels good to be back!


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