Amazing days

Really enjoying the lazy days of sumer this year, we have been driving around finding new beaches, camping and just hanging out doing what we like at the moment. So nice.

I am trying to step it up with the writing in English, OMG, it’s a lot of work for editing the text I guess, but we all have to crawl before we walk. So hopefully it becomes the story I was aiming for or even better. It’s a new feel to read what I write in English so it’s almost like a total new thing. I really like it so I am exited to see how it turns out. It’s supposed to become a short story / novella story to try it out, si-fi ish, and kind of out of the box I have to say. Hahahaha. So we shall have to wait and see how things come together.

I am also trying to step it up music wise, with doing something towards my goals all the time. I did record a new song only in digital sounds and vocals. Have to fix a bit of delays and some more voice to it but it’s coming together. think it was a great thing to do, since I usually just write music acoustic, with piano and guitar as a base to the songs. this time around I tried to make the sound out of the drum loops and started in that line instead. So I think there is new versions of some of the songs coming in this way as well. It was an original song written with acoustic piano that became rather ‘dancey’. So that was a new experience. So I am looking forward to posting that asap and get on with the project.

Other than that I did get the paintbrushes out to fix up the house, major project, hahahaha, so I guess I am keeping myself busy eventhough it’s holiday.


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