projects and puppies

Just found myself in the project of renovating, newbi to the subject and eager to get things going, I have to say that doing without certain luxuries that we normally consider just that, normal, got me to realize just how much I appreciate good living standards and I guess everyday luxury. So fixing the bathroom and just about everything else really has gotten me in perspective with standards. I am so looking forward to see it all being nice and ready to use.

Right this moment I am sitting in a restaurant charging the computer. So there is a lot of work to be done.

Trying to get things up and running with many things at the moment. We also have the cutest puppies ever at home, so we have to make the most of the puppy cuddles until they are being homed in their new homes. They are absolutely adorable.

So it’s a bit about being organized and trying to avoid to many steps backwards during it all I guess, I used to think about it in terms of secure and expand. Secure what already accomplished waiting to expand a bit until it’s a bit more settled. So I guess it’s a matter of riding out the storm in a way. Just enjoying the ride though; it’s an awesome sumer and the cutest puppies ever!

So about the project, I thought about to make it happen room after room. And just make everything ready per bit, or just do it all at the same time. What to say. Renovating houses is a dream of mine since I just love houses. I even been in uni for architecture, so it’s a big thing for me to actually do it, since it was the developing houses idea that used to be one of my many dreams to do. So here I am in the happy place renovating. I am super happy about it and so eager to make it happen! Maybe I should do pictures from it or start an instagram for it? Although sweaty me without functioning shower is maybe pictures to avoid…

So yeah trying to make pretty much everything happen I guess while enjoying sumer and puppy cuddles.


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