Super Vegan for a year

Just around the corner for the year day of being Vegan, I mean super Vegan. And OMG it’s been like traveling. I love traveling so in pandemic times I really recommend trying out the Vegan section in the shops, it’s a new thing. So usually when I travel I get to the food shops to discover new things, I just love that, so the Vegan year started with me being kind of Vegetarian and I had been Vegetarian off and on for a long time, so I was in my opinion very healthy eating even before this super Vegan journey began. Although becoming Vegan is a greater journey.

I first started out with just being normal Vegan, without dairy products and meats of all kind. There is so many options in the shops and restaurants so that was a great thing to do, I thought the normal cheese section in the shops would miss me more, but with a bit of willpower I have been sticking with vegan cheese options for the whole year. And I was surprised the other day when I had a craving for vegan cheese.

Then right after becoming Vegan I decided to go more with detox, clean, raw, basic ph foods in a combo but sometimes having a cheat day with just being Vegan. So that has been a road to explore and a bigger transition than becoming Vegan. And I have to say I am in that transition even after a year. Being without gluten was a challenge for me still have to have a bit of bread sometimes, and without the sugars and refined processed foods, it’s a project coming off the habits, that I absolutely Love and I love the feeling that clean food gives me and does for me physically. I think food became something else then just something I used to eat because it taste good, it got a better meaning to it with the goal of making my body the best it can be at all times. So having to eat became another purpose more like of functioning physics kind of.

So I have to make a thing out of this one year of super food, and the learning process with it, have a little dinner out or something, so I decided to do a detoxicating cleanse fast for 3 days to get a good start for the upcoming year of being Super Vegan again!

Super cleanse drink from yesterday


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