New Music coming

Started to write more music electronically that I thought was great, so I keep the new road with that. I am excited to see how it becomes after a while when there is maybe a style coming into the project. So I am trying to be a bit more up tempo for some of the songs and I am thinking to make some of the more slo-go acoustic versions of my songs going electronic versions. kind of ft. myself. I am a bit stuck for lyrics at the mo so that might be a good idea.

The house project is still a project, what to say, I think many things I want to do is kind of time consuming so I guess there is something to do at all times, so it’s a lot of work to be done with the house although it’s habitable, so I am looking forward to being on the ball with the garden and things just after the snow I guess and hopefully converted the raw attic to habitable room til after the snow as well. so maybe that is a goal. I think I decided to make a story out of it at my normal instagram along with everything else being me and the things that surround me and getting the house to go with that as it is. But I am still thinking about it.

So yeah the new music coming is something I look forward to aswell as figuring out how to post it here at the blog ( I mean I managed to post music here before so should be doable again, right? )


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