Goodmorning smoothie

Just Love these weekend mornings, trying to keep the morning feeling althrough the day with a morning smoothie. Here it’s just about to get towards after the sumer and I love the fresh and clean tint in the air this time of year, it’s so crisp. Love it. This smoothie should be great for detoxifying, anti-inflammatory, ph food, raw Vegan and many more ways of eating. It’s good for the body and mind, I think. Super good for clean eating. Well just great I think in so many perspectives as well as a great taste bringing some energy for the day!

I was mixing a grapefruit ( with the Wally bits, I love grapefruit, it’s great for many things and gets the body cleaned in the basic ph spectra as well, that I love, so grapefruit is a super fruit in many ways in my opinion )

With a bit of fresh pineapple ( great for anti-inflammatory properties and for the taste as well, there is so much anti-inflammatory diets and all of these ways of eating can do for you, that can be the key to solve many physical issues and really make a change to many people )

And a good grab of leafy kale and a bit of water ( leafy greens and green smoothie are a great cure for many things as well, it’s a lot to get into reading about the subject of how this can fix many things for a lot of people, when food becomes the fix to physical and psychological matters. I love the subject. Kale is a super ingredient in many of these ways of eating as well with super properties packed with good stuff great for the body and mind )

Mixed in a normal blender, this smoothie could well be doing with a good pinch of cinnamon to top it off, I think the grape and cinnamon is a super combo for tastes by the way

It was delicious!


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