New music comin’

Have to say it was a while to get that electronic version of that latest song up and posted in total, although I had decided to wait to post it until I was about certain how I wanted it to be, I usually find it kind of as a thing posting before the songs are totally done, so there is a bit of more to work with as I hear it coming when heard it for many many times, but this new song I am currently recording I feel I have to get up and posted a bit better in time. So I am trying to make more music more frequently hopefully it sounds great, and I thought about getting many of the kind of more acoustic versions of my songs in more electronic versions a bit like featured style. So that way I can be kind of busy even when lyrics are a bit further away from me as can be sometimes.

So yeah feeling happy to getting a bit of a sketch up for my new tune, exciting to see where it’s going looking forward to be posting it kind of soon hopefully


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