detox mood

After been doing the detox cleansing fast for about three days I was super eager to get to it with my raw food, great way to boost the urge of eating raw food I guess, although felt a bit of a super need for a good portion of protein as well but I think this fasting thing was a good thing, so if I’m in the moods for it, for sure there ll be a detox fasting thing soon again. Right at this point I am though kind of in need of some stabilizing foods for a bit, let’s just say detox mood, feels better .

Been trying to be up for my normal things anyway, mostly the tv I have to say, to find inspiration to get writing and to get ideas for lyrics to a new tune I am recording and just inspiration for some pictures and a bit of everything really.

So the ‘a year as super vegan’ detox cleansing fasting thing to celebrate – check and I guess I am up for starting another year as a super vegan


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