getting in tune for weekend

Trying to get to terms with a new tune that just poped into my piano as I was just having a bit of time trying to get better at it. In a way I feel very stuck for lyrics so it was very welcome, and in a way very nice as well since it came to me in the way that I used to write my songs with the piano or guitar. (And the guitar is packed away in storage at the moment) so a bit stuck in many ways but hopefully the new tune get me out of that corner a bit. trying to make ways for it to happen anyway. So a thought about what we want to forgive and forget sometimes. I don’t think that’s a phrase that comes into my mind very often actually. but sometimes there needs to be an either way I guess, a bit of a crossroad maybe. I mean, it’s like love and hate, it’s a line in between I think, but anyway I really like this way of getting into terms with writing songs and actually figuring out more of myself in many ways while writing I guess.


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