a RAW week

this week I have been trying to go full steam RAW food (it’s a very strict vegan way of eating, without cooking any food and without label foods, so pure veggies and fruits only and below the heat of 42 degrees celsius, super good for the wellbeing and body I think ) So besides a few bites of this and that I kept to it for the week say about 90 per cent. So the week was very forwarding in that concept so I’ll definitely try to get more of that in my way. Other than that I was feeling a bit more creative with the music starting to record a bit for new songs and writing with the piano like I used to do. That’s great to get as a groudbase to the more electronic versions I am trying to expand towards I found. So that was great.

About writing there is a set day to post this new project I am trying to write, super eager for it to be perfect, it just has to be, let’s face it, everything has to be kind of perfect in a way, and I guess in a way everything is perfect in their own ways as well, so a bit of a project getting to it and actually do it with that perfection perspective in mind, since this just has to be super perfect in somebody else’s opinion as well. So it just has to be great and good to go in a couple of weeks and it has to be absolutely perfect. But it should be doable with that timeline so hopefully the story works out. Fingers crossed.

While just hanging out doing the RAW week I realized the garden needs a good weekend to get ready for the aftersumer party, have been waiting out the summer to get to it, since it was full of frogs so its a lot to do to fix it up more than just the lawn to make it the way I want it to be for next year. So I am looking forward to a bit more energy to be in moods for starting that project prepping to be all good to go for the spring.

So it’s weekend, and I am super happy to be more stabilized with the RAW thing going, I might even post a pic of a flowery smoothie for you to enjoy!


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