I feel so happy to have this garden project. All the sumer I been thinking how I want to build and arrange everything in the house and garden and I just love the idea about making it just the way I want and the idea of having my own veggies and fruits and berries to eat and flowers for sure and kind of keeping the idea with usable things in the garden. So excited to get things more structured and making things happen. So I think the idea for a theme is more established with eatables and usable things in the whole garden, and trying to do as much of the work myself.

So I been researching for ideas and ways how to build fences and walls and green houses and pools and everything I need really to see it come alive. I mean it’s kind of what I want that’s sets the score for this project. And since I am leaning towards the fact of becoming a complete RAW super vegan, I am so happy to have the room to make my own veggies. So I am thinking to make rised planting containers that’s rather big to hold the fence up ( such a project digging dirt for poles I thought as well ) and make the most of the land that way as well. And also great to keep the wilderness with a clear border and keeping the dogs in the garden. So I should be posting more pictures along maybe, I seen so many nice pictures at instagram for inspiration, really awesome, so I like the transform of before and after, makes it feel a bit more doable, though right this moment it’s a right mess out in the garden I have to say. There were a herd of frogs half the sumer jumping around in what should be a lawn, and I couldn’t stand to fix the lawn therefor, they were adorable, so it’s kind of more like a field instead of a lawn at the moment. So I thought to make more concrete and gravel and more clear places for veggie patches in the garden so they prefer the bush outside the fence rather than being in the actual garden.


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