Happy weekend

finally weekend again after a hectic week full of have to do things it seems like we have a bit of time to actually do something real. SO what do I do? I am up the nightshift after having had a little nap, to continue writing my new novella story, it’s just around the corner from being good to go and I have to make it perfect! So I am very happy to be able to do the nightshift for the weekend to make it happen.

Other than that it should be a pretty slow in sofa weekend, the leafs are turning and the garden is really screaming for a bit of attention as well so maybe a bit of time to fix up the garden a bit preparing for spring again.

Managed to post a little teaser of an acoustic version ( the base version as I wrote it in ) of a new song I am recording. So it’s becoming an electro version as well. I love the song actually and it kind of just happened with the lyrics, sometimes it’s amazing how it comes and becomes. So it became a song about ‘forgive and forget’. As I was writing it it was in another perspective and it just kind of turned out like this. I really like how it became though, so I am eager to record the electro version of it as well to see how that just becomes! ( it’s at instagram @l_helgaasen if you want to listen to it.

So yeah, i ll be trying to make the most of the weekend I guess, while editing the story so enjoy the Weekend!


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