Busy night

Up for the nightshift again getting in tune with recording a new song I been writing lately, so it’s finally up at instagram. I hope you Love it if you swing by, @l_helgaasen . As well as getting to it with my new script I feel it’s getting busy here in the studio to be.

So yeah spent the weekend getting inspired and channeling it all towards my new script and this new song while just hanging out waiting for the weather to turn.

So I really hope you like the new music, it’s in the digital era exploring the ways to do it based on an acoustic piano written song I wrote a while back, the acoustic version is also at my instagram.

Forgive and forget, what to say really, I was thinking more in other directions as I was writing the song, but it kind of turned out to function I think as it just became like this. Anyway, a song can inhale so much I feel, it’s in many aspects and perspectives. But a clear given thought about limits about forgiving. I was basically thinking more about things that really is out of forgiveness to be honost and this is how it became. It might be work in progress since I wanted to get the feel more in to it with lets cheers for a great night or something. So we shall wait and see if there might be more to be said in the subject. Sometimes when I listen to my music I find things that really should be in certain ways after a while. So I tend to listen to them many times to try and make the most out of it.


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