New Week

I love this time of year with the crisp feeling in the morning air, it just makes me feel happy. So I guess it’s a lot to do, and I been trying to step it up a bit more with my music and writing lately. So this week I been looking forward to since forever in so many ways. A script I am writing is to be posted this week, and I am super eager to get it posted as well as a bit aaaaaaaaa since it kind of has to be perfect. So I think most of the week is going to be about that and getting it a step up editing it as much as I can until it’s posted. So I am wild about that this week!

The house needs a lot of work and cleaning since I spent the weekend trying to write the new script, so I think next weekend is going to be all about getting things together after the script kind of.

So yeah I think this week is packed with things to do and I am just waiting for that awesome feeling of the script finally being posted


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