Hold the skies up at night

Nightshift editing the script about to be posted this week while listening to my music. I mean it kind of gets to me sometimes, the song (it’s posted at the front page of this blog, as butterfly ) especially as being up for the night trying to be in tune with the script. Have to make a new recording of it.

So the day I spent mostly with the script leaving the house to be cleaned until after the script. I been listening to my recorded music trying to find the roads to see how it would progress. The butterfly song I had to listen to so many times, I just feel with the song basically. I thought a lot about a friend of mine when I was writing it and I sometimes get surprised how I can write music and lyrics in a way that I mean it as I write it and it kind of comes out in other ways, that works better with the tunes, I love it!

So i am after the new tune to come, looking backwards to find the road for it it guess. I was posting something funny new at instagram the other day, mostly for something with a bit of push to it, I thought to be working with making food and smoothie videos. So that is there if you want to listen to it!

So at this point I am eager to dream away to Southend where we used to go sometimes before the pandemic, hopefully we can get there soon again. A special place to get my stories in order and starting something new. The seaside makes wonders for my scripts somehow. Well while dreaming about that and trying to get to that point of ‘happily ever after’, the nightshift is progressing here in the becoming studio


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