My Friday

After a hectic week with getting my latest script all good to go (and starting to write a new script) it’s finally Friday. Super happy to have posted the script with it being the first written in English for me. And I am going to hold on to that tune and continue to write in that way. So unwasting time with just starting the script to come to keep the language progress going. I felt my language develop a lot as I was writing, and with language being a bit of a fresh thing I think I just need to keep going.

So yeah, the Friday I spent out and about catching up with household things and grocery shopping after the week and I even got to a cafe to celebrate. So happy! And exhausted! So without even thinking about it I just woke up in the middle of the night, feeling all up for it again! And realizing I hadn’t been doing my leafy green smoothie, and as the ocd person I am, I just had to make a smoothie in the middle of the night then hahahahaha. So, enjoying the nightshift with a smoothie and feeling awesome and so, so, happy that I finally posted that manuscript!

Happy weekend!


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