New Week

Been spending the weekend super boosted about the manuscript being posted, and been catching up with a bit of sleep and a bit of everything really since that. and I was really just stood for it, wondering what to write about in the upcoming, usually I am kind of in my way in my thought already when my stories get to that point. So I was a bit like a blank paper about it all. Since I was writing English, I decided I wanted to continue that track so I started to write something with that. and then I thought I should continue with translating my previous scripts into English to get the language going as well. And I had the final part of a trilogy I am writing, that is kind of half way through, so I thought to get that going again and posted to start with and continue the English novella / short story going for the language and if I am stuck I can get translating the other scripts. So that’s my schedules with that. The trilogy script should really have been done a while back but I wrote the English script in between so I guess it’s a good enough excuse time wise. I am trying to be more productive unwasting time.

The music, a bit stuck for it I guess, sometimes I feel it’s waves with the music, but in a way I consider adding to the music product with even listening to music and singing in the car to the radio, sometimes it gets the tunes a step up, more than actually getting new tunes done, it’s bringing maybe more into it I feel. And sometimes it’s new tunes coming to me more often and sometimes it’s the a new version or direction in a tune that does it. I guess it’s listening to my senses in a way that gets it going. So I am up for inspiration to a new tune, anyway

So I guess I am up for some inspiration to get things going here while continuing things my way


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