My Tuesday

Today I spent the day with a bit of everything, I was out for a while going to a waterfall or a river or stream, the definition I am a bit unclear of, but it was super nice! It was actually so nice so I got inspired to my music with the scenery and started to record the song, waterfalls, that I spent most of the day recording since. So new music on the way.

Besides that I am trying to get in mood for cooking something, I am as much as possible with the RAW thing, so I made a sunflower seed creamy sauce with nutritional yeast that was kind of eatable the other week so I think it’s zucchini bits, I usually shred them into raw ‘pasta’ bits. So I am up for that as I write about it. RAW Vegan style Mac and cheese hahahaha.

So I have to get to it in the kitchen actually, might post a picture of it sometime it’s delicious!


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