NEW Music

Got inspired to write a new song lately and I been recording today. I find it great to listen to my music and develop it a bit after I have made my songs, so this time I tried to make a sketch version waiting to record the total so I get a feel for how I want it to be.

It’s posted at instagram Flow -LINN * DaVerde ( work in progress )

I also managed to get my soundcloud going again, I was posting some songs a while back and I thought to be more out there maybe so it’s posted there as well if you want to listen it’s this link

So right at this point I am up for the night shift getting to it with writing. I am so eager to get this finale thing to my trilogy good to go. And since I have decided to write in English I have decided to translate all my scripts to English as well. Rewrite and turn them into English that is. I really look forward to that!

So a snack and getting to it and a bit of telly for inspiration and the nightshift is good to go


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