Up for the nightshift here, getting to it with starting recording a new tune and writing. I just love to sit up at nights and write and do music and do everything that I love to do! And it’s even better at the weekends!

Today I went minor shopping and had a late lunch out in a town. It was a while since I had been out as such it felt like, and it was delicious. I been mostly with the RAW vegan stuff lately so it was really nice with a more steady meal. So that was great.

Besides that the day went by with telly to get inspiration for new things that I want to do. And more conclusions to fix the house a bit rather than actually making it happen. So a lot to do this weekend to try and organize things a bit more and recordings and getting to it with the manuscript I am currently writing.

Many posts about weekends hahahaha I just love weekends I guess!

So happy weekend!


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