Vegan month day 16

I love animals and I want all animals to be loved and happy, for me life is very sacred. And that is a big part of me being vegan. The other day I was reading that being vegan ;

Saves an animals life for EVERY day being vegan- I think for me that is a good enough reason to be vegan as it stands and continuously onwards

It saves a lot of Carbon dioxide for the environment – I mean it’s the place we have right, so that is also a big factor for me going vegan, the environment

Being vegan also saves the forrest with a heck load of feetper day – Again the climate matters to me, and I would like to be able to produce my own foods for this matter, defiantly, and I do believe in high-tech food production in the future that might be coming in the micro greens industry and things like that

Water consumption is another BIG factor – Being vegan saves the consumption of water with about 33500 gallons per month. And with growing your own micro greens and sprouts it saves even more. So that brings a lot to the table in my opinion. I want to be alive WITH that in mind, what there is around in symbiosis, rather than use and be cutting the cycles of coworking kind of things. Live kindly WITH the cycles.

All of these and many more things brings the future lifestyles of being vegan straight to me. For me it does matter. And if I am saving an animals life for every single day I am being vegan I would continue and expand in that direction for ever. As hard as it stands, I am not eating an animal or hurting an animal for that matter either. I believe in a better world and that we have to change somethings as it comes, and I mean it changes anyway since it’s work in progress obviously. So I believe that micro farming and sprouts and vegan is going to be the way as a mandatory lifestyle in the future and it’s going in that direction. For our well beings and better healths and benefits in those ways and with increasing ages overall I believe this is the way to keep us healthier for as long as possible. So I believe in ultra tech developing food markets in the up front in general, for the climate and for our well being. Cut out all the bulls..t basically.

With that said, this is a big thing I love about being super vegan; it feels good, because it does matter, and it does matter to me. As I am doing what I can to be perfect in every aspect of my life ( with feel good and health and everything that comes with that, I want to inspire others that could benefit from a lifestyle change as well, in the spectra of that it is doable and being kind to our animals and our world and each other as well, does matter )

So I am super happy to be vegan, I don’t have to defend myself for myself, I saved an animals life today and it matters hard to me, in fact, I couldn’t take it any other way, and it feels great, since I am doing what I can for a better world


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