Vegan month day 17

Today I am fixing things for getting out traveling a bit over the day tomorrow. So I have to be up really early and get to the bus (!) since I am between cars at the moment. With the increasing corona numbers I am super precocious with hand sanitizer and facemask and distances. I really hope the car situation is sorted soon, until then, I am with public transports, that is great by the way, I find it very comforting to sit and look out through the windows and think a bit while getting to destinations.

Foodwise when I am out doing things is a bit of a project I found, being RAWvegan. I mean it’s a bit particular to be at a restaurant and to bring like 9 bananas to eat for lunch. So I really have to find ways for eating when I am out. Luckily there is good smoothies at some places and I thought to bring my own smoothie ( although I am between blenders as well so that might be a good idea for a later occasion ) there are great restaurants for RAW food vegans although a bit far away from where I am traveling tomorrow though.

So it’s morning and I am fixing around in the house getting everything in order to get going and cleaning things a bit. Eating breakfast, a really nice fruit platter, with freshly cut fruis, kiwi, apples, clementines, oranges, tomatoes, hazelnuts, plums and a bit of everything really. So nice! I rarely eat nuts, but it contains good stuff although I am trying to be, low fat RAW vegan and nuts are a bit fatty so it really should be eaten moderately and many nuts are also heated or roasted so I have gotten to the seeds section instead for many of the nutrients needed. I had a great matcha latte as well and I found like the best way to get my algues eaten the other day, I think the taste of them really is something else, but I really want to eat them because it’s so good, so I found a herbal tea that mixes well with liqurish powder, that kind of gets the flavor of the algae in tune with me a lot better. So I can have my chlorella and spirulina algues in powder form anyway, my new habit is to blend it with oat milk the get my ingredients in, for the temperature below 42 celsius, and the to stir the algae and the liquorish with a spoon full of chia seeds as well, super great, it’s even tasting really nice so that’s a great thing I found!

Chlorella and spirulina is extremely good I think. That’s why I want to eat them. That’s a thing I found with being RAW vegan, I tend to eat and do things only because it’s good for me and my body, where as before going RAW I used to eat things because it tasted good. I mean I am eating good tasting things being RAW vegan, most of the things are delicious, but it has defiantly changed the perspective, from eating because it’s good from it tastes good.

So I use spirulina and chlorella as ‘supplements’ in a way eve though it’s actual food but either way it’s to make sure I get all my nutritions and proteins needed. I usually avoid supplements but sometimes I eat a vegan vitamin tablet, just because, but what I do eat a good bit of though is nutritional yeast. I think it’s my fav taste that goes with pretty much everything. So that is the ‘supplement’ I use the most, but it’s more like an ingredient I think as well. (nutritional yeast is a vegan ‘fling’ flake thing that sprinkles. It contains vitamins that is usually found in normal food and that we need to eat, so therefor a lot of vegans eat nutritional yeast and it tastes delicious, a bit cheese taste and I used to love cheese so I find it great to make RAW ‘stews’ since it kind of creams the watery things a bit with the texture )

So yeah, that’s how I tend to make sure I get all nutrition needed as a RAW vegan / fruitarian and how my perspective of eating has changed as I transitioned to a more RAW food lifestyle.


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