Vegan month day 18

Today I been out traveling and I just got back so it was just over the day. I love traveling and during the pandemic I been mostly at home so it makes a small day out seem to get that travel feeling out and I just love the feeling of it.

So being a super vegan while out traveling is a bit of a project. I mean there is times for everything and it wasn’t the time to bring like a travel lunch pack at all, so I bought a pack of bananas and the best vegan gluten-free nutty organic bread there is, it’s not RAW but I think it’s pretty close, and I been thinking how to make a similar bread ( it’s really nice with cranberries as well) and try to make something like it and dehydrate it or be in the oven below 42 degrees celsius to make a RAW version of it. And I bought a smoothie as well. So it was kind of good although it was a certain per cent from being total RAW. For lunch snack I had a banana and for a meal I was out looking around the town for a restaurant since we found a restaurant that we could combine foods from different places in. So I was out trying to find a RAW meal. With the timeframe I had it was a bit of a project and I had to just eat something so there was this falafel salad in a roll. So I had a roll of that it was really nice and as much greens as I could find in a dish for where I was. So that was way below the per cent I am trying to be in as well, meaning I have to bring the per centage up for the rest of the week I feel. But it was nice having a day out.

So right this moment I just had dinner containing a monomeal of bananas. And it’s so nice to be cuddled up at home again.

So that brings me to the subject of ‘the juicer’ ( since I am thinking about to get up and make a glas ) . I decided to get a juicer, I use to make smoothies in a blender, but this juicer is supposed to make juice out of veggies and fruits. So it’s really nice. I am trying to make myself drink celery juice, from the blender, mixed with other things, although it’s supposed to be just pure celery juice rather than smoothie, although I been trying to get through with the taste of it. I find it absolutely terrible and been trying to get through it. I felt it since for ever, I just am in a different frequency than celery. So I been trying to fix it with getting more and more in the smoothies and mixed with other things. But I decided to go for the juicer. Tried it yesterday evening. Holy s..t. And there again into the subject from yesterday, the change from eating things that just taste good or eating things because it’s good for the body. This is a super example of that, I wouldn’t even try to drink it in a million years if it was only for the taste of it.


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