Vegan month day 19

Today might have been the most nutritional day ever! I was making up for the bread I ate yesterday maybe ( I am almost totally gluten-free except for those occasions when I sometimes rarely eat bread ) , so with that in mind I started the day with a good glas of celery juice, that taste again, holy s…t but very good for the body so I drank it with a smile. Then I had a fresh mix of celeryjucice, spirulina, chlorella, chia seeds, I had to have a bit of liqrich powder to even think about getting it in, it really covers the taste so that was better! Then I was having a juice fresh homemade of oranges, carrots, turmeric. It was kind of super nice! So I defiantly have gotten to it with the juice maker machine!

Then I had a big salad, shredded cucumbers, union, black pepper, salad leafs, arugula, cilantro fresh, bell peppers, lemon juice, coco milk, nutritional yeast and olives and baby tomatoes. Something like that, it was very fresh and nice! I had bought a bunch of avocados that is waiting to get good to eat as well so I am looking forward to that for the weekend hopefully they are ripe enough soon!

So yeah, the weekend is almost here and I am looking forward to get the last bits of music and voice recorded for my new song ‘I am a flower’ so it’s good to go for the weekend and getting forward with my new book manuscript as well! So a lot to do for the weekend and cleaning a bit and decorating for the Holidays. So great with weekend, and I hope you enjoy it too!


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