Vegan month day 20

After a nightshift of recording my NEW song ‘I*M a flower ‘ the day has been kind of soft. Had a little missmatch with the recording so I had to post the tune before perfect to get it out in time, but today the recording program was fixed and back to normal again so I will record some of the singing again in a better way and re post it.

That said I was posting to my channels and started a YouTube channel and a Facebook to my music as well so I been busy with that almost all the day. And snoozing through the day.

About my eating habits I started the day with water, then a big glas of celery juice and more water I think it was and a really big salad and then a mono meal of cantaloupe melon. then I had a bit of left overs for dinner, I couldn’t resist so I had to just eat it to avoid the bin (Mac and sauce) it was so yummy and I should really be having more of a character than that, I know, but it was vegan anyway so that was good.

So yeah a bit of a set back, have to step it up!


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