Vegan month day 21

I been veganizing all weekend in slo mo i feel. So nice. I had celery juice for breakfast and then I had matcha latte snuggled up in bed looking at tv and trying to get things up and running with my music and just enjoying the weekend.

For lunch I had avocado and union stuffed bell peppers and baby plum tomatoes. It was delicious also had some olives and walnuts and lemon juice. So so good.

I also made home made juice with the juice machine with carrots and apple. In that I had chlorella chia seeds spirulina. Good idea, might get used to the taste sometime. Hopefully.

For dinner I just had shredded cucumber and bell pepper and apple raw vinegar. Great.

Looking forward to a bunch of avocados to ripen and getting through a shipload of bell peppers, I bought as many as I could since they had so nice loads at the shop. Love to go shopping like that


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