Vegan month day 22

I been out doing normal things all the day, even got some christmas gifts shopping done as well as grocery shopping and shopping for radiators to be warm in the house. So a lot of packing getting to the bus, since I am between cars. But it was doable and very nice to see how the radiators do for the warmth. I have heard a lot about RAW vegans philosophizing about food to be heated during snow months. I haven’t really even thought about it until I heard about it. So I just have to wait and see.

A big thing for me out having lunch today, was to try n get raw food in a normal restaurant, but there was a small buffet of salads so I could just have that, so even though I was out all day I could be RAW. Super nice that’s the times that I usually tend to get something just vegan and cooked so that was a big thing for me.

I also went shopping for super things, such as hemp protein, goji berries, and other super foods, chlorella in tablet form rather than powder (for the taste) and things like that. That department is really a jungle when going RAW I found, since I want to be certain to get everything that I need. But I think I get more coverage for everything as a RAW vegan since I am aware and make sure I get enough protein and things than before going highly RAW but since I used to be vegetarian for a long time and off and on for even longer I was very aware to be getting all nutrition as well back then, but anyway the super foods are a step above. So I am doing some tablets for somethings and additives as well to make sure I am good.

So yeah it was a great day to be super vegan!


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