Vegan month day 23

Today I been at home trying to clean up the house a bit better. After I had been shopping for radiators yesterday it was a big differens in the feeling being in the rest of the house rather than just in my room (to become the studio). So I really liked the feeling and maybe there is some thing to it then with the RAW food thing during the snow months since it might be affecting me more than I even thought.

The food for today was amazing, I loved it, and I had been shopping a load of new ingredients yesterday that I was eager to get into. So I made a delicious meal with stuffed bell peppers for brunch. The stuffing was made of sprouted mung beans, raw hemp protein powder, lemon juice and dijon mustard. And I made a chunky guacamole to go with it, with avocado and union.

For late lunch or dinner even I had bell pepper, with avocado, raw vinegar, nutritional yeast, and a bit of sprouts of mung beans and sunflower, and a bit of dijon mustard

And you might have guessed what I had for a snack, a bell pepper, had bought so many so I need to get through the stock while they are nice and eatable, I had tried a new shop bought product with a cashew garlic spread cream, so I had that for dip.

And I had another snack/ drink with orange juice and spirulina and chia seeds becoming a pudding. And I been drinking orange juice all day today and matcha tea latte as well as herbal detox tea.

So that’s been the day as a super vegan today, the house needs a good clean and I been snuggling trying to expand my music at Facebook and things like that. So I am trying to figure out how to do that the best way. And having my music in mind trying to find the right tunes to perfectioning it even more. So I see it as kind of work in progress.

Writing wise I been a bit stuck in the process lately I guess, super excited and waiting for something that I am so so so so eager to be a part of. So I feel everything is a bit flowy until that is clear, I am even avoiding writing about it here since it’s so dear to me. But if things become clear and in the way I want them I ll write about it! So a bit of a waiting thing going here. With that said, I been getting ideas about things to write about lately, that I love, and I try to be up for it as much as I can with writing here every day at the blog and concentrating a bit more at the music trying to step things up a bit, or a lot actually to be in progress forward.


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