Vegan month day 25

( November is the World vegan month and since I am a RAW food vegan, I am writing about my eating habits all November. As a RAW vegan / fruitarian I almost only eat Raw fruit and vegetables and sometimes a bit of nuts and seeds, living food only means unheated or uncooked, there by RAW, so only below 42 degrees celsius )

Today I been veganizing around at home arranging things and cleaning the house for the holidays. I got up this morning, had a glas of fresh celery juice, tried to wait for a while to eat breakfast ( grapefruit ) so I was practicing the piano for a while trying to get in mood to record the new things to the ‘I’m a flower* song, so it can defiantly be better so I am working with that feeling. Really good way to get distracted from the taste of celery ( that is just something else ). So with that thing going, I was up for grabbing the cleaning session I had been avoiding for a while, by the second. I made my RAW food version of Mac and cheese for lunch. Urging for the feel of melted cheese but the RAW version was a good alternative and very delicious.

I had sprouted mung Beas for Macaronies

And made the sauce with chopped union, finely grated butternut squash, lemon juice, and a mushed avocado, nutritional yeast, Himalayan salt and hemp protein powder. It worked really nice in my opinion. So I am advancing with the making more likereal food dishes rather than just salads, it’s kind of great!

I got into the cleaning the house and trying to find ways around to make a desk and somethings like that. It’s project and I am looking forward to get into that and blog more about that later at some point.

So yeah being super vegan is kind of great today and it’s so nice to have organized the house a bit more.


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