Rough loop

Most of the time I think most people actually do want to focus at the positive things that’s around and write about that in blogs and instagram and things like that in songs and everything really. Happiness matters. And everybody want to appear as super happy. To me it seems that way any way and I am happy almost all the time or try to be. Or maybe everybody is super happy all the time. I mean it builds the impression of everybody being happier than they might be in a tinted world. That is a subject that matters a lot to me. Other peoples happiness in that perspective, I have to make a blog post about it.

And then sometimes it’s maybe a bit more truth to the equation behind the happy things. But keeping the facade shining does matter as well, holding people up and actually even by that, making a happier loop going. I wonder if this fact actually will make us happier? I think it could well be since most of the times, for me anyway, I can get myself happy from focusing more at the happy things. Go get an amethyst or get shopping things or go to the beach go for a drive. What fixes the thing. And then only focusing at the great day spent at the beach at the end of the day. I had a rough week, I can say, and I have focused only at the happy subjects as I been writing here at the blog. I had a script that got rejected, feels so unreal and it was super important to me, and thing after thing that just piled up. I mean I realize it got rejected because of quality. But I could been happier about it, felt so suppressed by the whole thing I couldn’t even open the script for the weeks after I posted it. And first thing when I knew, starting to rewrite it as any normal thing to do super normal happiness. And I been focusing at being happy for something else, all the good things that happened, and riding the wave out waiting for the turn. Maybe I just needed to fix the loop, of things piling, since the ‘everything’ might have thought I was happy with what was being presented to me and what was really going on and just gave me more of what ‘it’ thought I wanted.

So maybe I just had to get off the darn loop of smiling through it all waiting for a turn and instead get off the loop and make ‘it’ realize that other things makes me a lot happier than getting a script back like that. As well as all the happy things that I have absolutely loved to have coming lately.

Either way it’s weekend and I love weekends so fav telly and a warming blanket makes me kind of happy right this point.


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