December box 4

After the biggest pouch in the world history because of my rejected manuscript last week I am trying to clarify how I want to forward things and see opportunities and ways to what I want. I am trying to write every day but been kind of low about it recently for obvious resons. First thing I did was to open the script again, I think I had a feeling about it, since I just couldn’t open it during the time I was waiting for an answer. So first thing I just got to it and started to rewrite it. So I think the road is to write it through a bit more for a better finish and there was things even I wanted to fix in the actual story after I had posted it, so I mean there was room for improvement. And it was my first draft in English. So I guess a bit of work with it and maybe getting test readers and editing before posting it again. I have to let it sit for a bit to get to how I want to progress things.

So I spent today doing a bit of music and brushing off some songs I was writing ages ago and trying to see potential for any forward things there. I am so so so so wanting to get out gigging. So I have to fix that. So I been having a good session with the piano today getting my live / acoustic set started. And also going through my songs for new collaborations, that I am super excited about. To see what there might be to work with. I really have got to find time to clean up the house at some point this weekend as well and just do kind of normal things, like grabbing a Christmas tree and decorating a bit and getting in that good mood for the holidays. So a lot of happy things to do when I think about it.

About box 4 in the advent calendar, I been really thinking about it, but it has got to be a goal about better pictures. I bought a nice camera so I can start to record videos better for my YouTube channel and it’s a great camera for pictures as well. And I rarely post pictures here in the blog and for everything really, it’s just nice to have pictures for myself as well.

So with that said, box number 4 in the advent calendar is the goalbox to check for better pictures.


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