New music coming

Busy days lately I have to say, some general Bu…Sh..t and some better things as well. The good thing tho is that I even got inspired to write some new music, so I was getting to it with acoustic piano writing and then transfered it in to a more digital version of the song that I am working with at the moment, and even better, I learned how to do some tricky effects that I had been trying to find for a while in the recording program, super happy. So I am actually very inspired with that. ‘Loved by You’ is the song and it should be up at my channels in a while. Even got inspired to make a video for it. So I started to record that as well. So that was a good thing that came out of it all I have to say.

Hopefully I can find some nice collaborations to transform the song even more, i really like the feature and remix collaborations, since it’s so nice to work with people. I love those collaborations. So I am defiantly up for something with this tune.

Other than that I had to spend some time with my dog that needed my attention for the day ( and night ) so I am at the 24 hour challenge almost. As long as it’s good music coming out of it tho, I have to say, it works. I am glad my dog is feeling better, super happy actually.

So yeah might be back in business again from after the holidays and New music is on the way 🙂


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