Movie night

Today I am continuing to record my new song and making the lyrics work the way I want them to. So usually I tend to listen to the song many many times to optimize it as much as I can. And to make the lines work in total as good as I can. And then I guess it’s kind of flexible ‘matter’.

We also had a film session with a Swedish classical funny film and we laughed so much. There is defiantly something about Swedish humor that is somehow so funny.

We continued with the movie night to an evening of YouTube sessions and then the first of the Harry Potter movies. So it became a snuggle in warming blankets and cozy night in. It’s absolutely butt freezing out today so it’s so nice to be in with candles for the movie night. I guess we continue with the second Harry Potter for a bit more of the movie night and just enjoying the evening. So I hope you are having a great evening as well.


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