Habits (repost)

Today I thought about writing something about habits. Or actually skipping habits.

I know a lot of people are having ‘skip a habit’ as a New Years resolution, and I have my resolutions as well, since I skipped a lot of habits I thought to share my tricks and experience for making new resolutions last. I skipped a lot of habits and made better new habits and choices as I was going Fruitarian and from other experiences as well, being in the middle of it all and standing beside, I realized the forces of habits are very powerful. And even tho I am lucky enough to be a person that is very versatile and a person that can just change my habits over the day without even thinking so much about it and just do things in my New ways instead, I know there are habits that are just very powerful from experience. But it is doable, to skip habits, anybody can change their ways. And I believe that anybody can make better choices if they want to and think it’s for the better. And sometimes when it feels like the forces are pulling backwards towards the ‘habits’ again, I think these tricks are good to have in mind.

Make a bucket list – make a list of things to do, when the forces are trying to drag backwards, with things you want to do, bring in the list and go do something. This can be ‘go rock climbing’, ‘photo walking in various locations’, ‘get a spa treatment’, ‘go to the opera’, ‘go shopping’, ‘walk a beach’, ‘meet up with a friend’ ‘go horsebackriding’. This would be in my bucket list and some more things. I thought of things that I would just like to do sometime, and add it to the list. It’s good to have many various things in the list to chose from for when it’s needed, and maybe even bring somebody to come with.

Another thing that might make it easier is how I thought of it, I thought when I skipped out on somethings, ‘make a thing out of it’ like in an ‘extreme super thing’ way. And that’s how it became for me. Make a lifestyle out of it. I became super clean living food fruitarian from something very very far from that. I wanted to live healthy I realized at some point. Being somebody that used to work as a bartender, I was the support person where people turned sometimes as I was working so I seen the habits in many aspects. And it was very clear to me sometimes the difference of sober people that was clear about them wanting to change somehow was still wanting to change as they were sitting in the bar at the last order. So becoming extreme, for me was the way it turned out, I started to drag what I wanted into my everyday, so as I opened instagram there was clean foods of my preference, with the lifestyle that I needed just in front of me, some kind of attracting forces, what a party I thought, I put what I needed to have in my world kind of right in front of me, very healthy. It was a lifestyle that fit some of the new choices that I had to make, I thought, and I incorporated that into my world, totally, and going all in with it, to the extreme even, it was building attracting forces towards something. Almost repelling forces to the behind. I could actually be something like that. And it seemed fine. And that became stronger than the other forces going backwards. And finding inspirational people to follow in social media, in that desired genre, presenting nice clean healthy food and lifestyle for directions, got me on track and made me follow the roads and getting inspired to get surrounded with the New ways around me. Even bringing my own ways towards it after a while. So I filled my world with what I wanted. So actually to step away from the problem and look into doing something else and look forward. Is my best trick to replace habits, I think.

Many times I believe when we make resolutions, it’s for things that we think of as being for the better, for a reason. We kind of realize the problem. And that is great to actually realize that. And we should all aim for being the best versions of ourselves right? I firmly believe in that and I believe in a better world with that in mind, and putting time energy and effort towards oneself to be as good as can be brings that good thing to other people as well. So being there for somebody that is skipping habits is also very important. Being nice and being kind and looking forward and doing things unrelated to what was behind. No judging and just believing in the New ways and having a great time stepping things further and further away from the matter.

So with that in mind I am looking forward to a New year with new goals reaching for the better in things that I want to achieve. And I do want to be perfect in every aspect of my life, and sometimes I have to change direction to be even better as I realize something new. I really believe change should be more adaptable in our society, because it many times is for the better to step away from what ‘has been’ and with wisdom and more experience from the behind, we are getting forward with all that realization in mind towards something better. And sometimes we have to draw a line to the things behind to only look forward, for the better. So maybe we should all encourage changes a bit more in general and look forward to the new and to what we actually want and be there for each other in our New paths we may find.


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