I spent the day just doing a bit of everything preparing for the week to come. Had a headache this morning so I just been at home emailing and reading the news and normal things kind of soft. I can check the news probably about 30 times per day sometimes, super addictive, so the day has kind of progressed with things like that. I just feel that I want to know what’s going on I guess. Been listening to my new song a bit to get it all right in the way I want it to be. I think I have a good idea how I want it to be, and then it’s just only to make it happen hahahahaha. So I think I’ll continue recording when headache free.

Sunday, the favorite day of the week, I think. I used to spend the Sundays at home listening to music, singing for all my nabours through the walls I guess, and just doing everything I just enjoyed to do and I believe I am continuing with Sundays as the best day of the week. I just love the feel of it. It kind of makes me feel good and want to make the week as good as can get. So it’s perfect days, I think. There should be more days like Sundays 🙂

So yeah soft day in ‘da house’. And I am looking forward to release the ‘dragon’ of a song I am writing and hopefully get some nice collaborations to work it forward with. And I just had an awesome fruitarian meal as I figured out how to make ‘sunflower seed’ ‘sour cream’. So I have to say it really is a perfect Sunday 🙂


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