Today I went to a small town and just had to eat a semi cooked meal, in a restaurant, so the dish was containing bread. I try to stay off from gluten ( such as bread ) but ever so often I kind of seem to have a slice of bread, I think maybe 4 times since sumer, and most of it lately so I really have to step up my game with the RAW food thing at the moment. So I had a wrap of bread with beans and veggies ( so very kind of clean food as I could find anyway and at about 50% raw veggies ) and without any sauce and fats and additives anyway, and I also had a carbonated drink from an aluminium can (!). The drinks menu was kind of limited so there was a kids ‘juice’ with a lot of sugar and sweetener and additives in metal can or carbonated water with lemon taste in aluminum can and normal soft drinks sodas as sober options. I should just bring a bottle of Kombucha everywhere I go so I can have a nice option for a drink. Or just drink tap water, kind of un-exclusive, and that seemed a bit out of place to drink just that, so I went with the fizzy water. ( I love to drink alkaline spring water, it’s my favorite drink, and I tend to drink water at home with MSM powder that brings the water alkaline as well ) So I avoid metal cans since I want to have my body very clean from heavy metals and I avoid fizzy drinks for that same reason. And I avoid all additives such as color and preservatives for eating clean basic food. And I avoid sugars and sweeteners as much as I can since I want to be in an alkaline mode in my body. And gluten is just something I avoid as well and that I can do without. So I guess I’ll be detoxing a bit to get in mode after that meal. Between busses and grocery shopping, I just had some time to spend and it was butt freezing outside so I went to have a matcha latte as well. And that is very good healthy option since I avoid coffee and normal tea, matcha latte is green tea that is grinded the whole leafs into a powder and it’s super healthy and packed with antioxidants, I love to drink matcha, so i think I prefer to just have a matcha latte when going out for eating something in a restaurant instead, to be able to eat / drink something healthy in small towns. So I am very happy there are places that serve matcha 🙂

Anyway just got back and I am up for some music making tonight, if I am awake I might even be in with the crockpot Cartel Radio show, I love that show, it’s great people chatting away reviewing new music and I have had some songs reviewed and it’s very inspiring. Great people and great music 🙂 So hopefully bought good snacks for the nightshift 🙂


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