Today I spent the day researching some things. I thought about grabbing a class online with French and learn that, since I have basic knowledge, ( very basic ) it would be so awesome to be more speakable in French. So that might be a project to spend sometime with. It’s kind of rare to listen to and speak French in normal day to day I found, and I mean learning a language is maybe easier to do when being in the middle of it a bit, so might be a project to travel a bit to French speaking countries then to get it going when the world is a bit more normal again. I was in Paris some years back, and was chatting away with the taxi driver, in French, and as we got to the hotel, somebody at the hotel asked the taxi driver if I spoke French. And he kind of shook his head and said, noooo. It was so funny, since they actually spoke French and I understood what they said hahahahaha. So it would be great to be more normal speaking in French and while being at home so much I might as well just grab it by the balls.

Other than that I had a little nap so I just woke up, and since I missed the nightshift yesterday I might be up for it tonight. Yippie since I really want to tune in with the Crockpot Cartel Radio Show. I would be in there everyday if I was in that timezone, so I thought about going into the jetlag timezone to be more workable for things like that turning the day kind of. It would be awesome.

So yeah hopefully up for the nightshift to night instead 🙂


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