Get prepared

So, I had a couple of days with a bit of ‘the general bullshit’ going. I mean sometimes reality matters. I can sit here in my dream bubble and dream away and write philosophical things about this and that and try to make the world a better place in as many ways as I can think of. And then there is the bare raw reality. So busy days in a way lately I have to say. Aaaaaaaaaaaa.

Was spending the day out in a small town grabbing groceries, packing the cabinets as full as I can at the moment. Super exited to see the spring items starting to pop into the shops, like gardening things and veggie patches things, since I decided to create a ‘survival garden’ in the house. So I decided to build like a greenhouse and things like that to produce a good amount of my own veggies. Turning all ‘normal flowers’ into having eatables in the windows instead. I mean I am kind of lucky to be off the habit of meat and dairies anyway ( and gluten ) since I just mostly eat raw uncoocked veggies and fruits and berries and a bit nuts anyway. And I am used to that and have already came off the habits kind of. So I rather be prepared, especially with the situations in Europe going on, maybe it’s in the news worldly, maybe it’s just a Big thing here. Well, I can read the news 30 times a day in a normal day and lets just say I been kind of busy lately. Especially since the peace situation in parts of Europe is more in a wobble than what is comfortable for me, at the moment. So I am preparing to be as self sufficient as I can be for many reasons maybe, and ready to scale it up if I need to in any given situation. Even thought about getting quails to have egg supply for my pets for food if the situations roll off completely. I mean, Better safe than sorry, right?

So I am self isolating a bit, and I am kind of comfortable with that. I avoid the grocery shops as much as I can. So it would be ideal to just grab a basket of kiwis from the living room for dinner without even having to get to the shops so often. So I am going for that a bit. I even found a hazelnut tree just outside the house that I should be able to grab hazelnuts from after the sumer to make my own nut milks and ‘dairy’ products with. And it would be nice to have the cabinets full of jars from the sumer stocked up for year round with all organic home made items, if I need to. So I been researching a lot about homesteading and green houses and build this and that to make it happen. So I realized there are more people actually thinking about things like this, and I mean it kind of feels a bit better, since even I was wondering if it was a bit ‘out there’. But then again, I rather have an idea about what I can do and what I should do in any given situation, If all hell runs wild, as I have thought about it and prepared as much as I can for any situation that I can prepare my way through. So I kind of feel it’s good to get going, should have done this and that yesterday. So I guess I prefer to think about things like that and especially with things like that going on.

So yeah, busy days lately and I am looking forward to warmer weather and spring coming so I can get my first buckets of tomatoes going.


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