So yeah, the most lovable day of the year, I mean I just love love so kind of have to say something about it. Just been hanging out looking at tv and napping the day, since kind of dealing with the effects of the hectic week. So it’s really nice to just be hanging out and super well needed to recharge a load, I really feel it in every aspect I can think of actually. And that’s as much of a Valentines there is for me, hahahahaha, without saying to much about official relations. I mean even if I could grab about ten bananas and get to a restaurant with somebody I guess, I may wanna avoid that at the moment to avoid getting any hopes up, waiting for the perfect one I guess.

Should really be writing the love songs of super love songs I guess to make some good use of this day. Tho I have to really just recharge and be looking at romantic comedy movies for the night I guess and just be cozy. Should have bought a massive load of comfort munchies and just snack away. Tho I feel I really have been shredding some of those extra pounds / kilos lately, and I felt so good about it so I want to keep up the good feeling of getting into my ol’ trousers and jeans. Would be kind of nice to be in some form of shape for the sumer and just feel good about things like that in general, like bikini, and I do, I am one of those people who just kind of feel good about myself in general, and I really like that actually, without wasting any time for the general bullshit of weight and things like that, I just became one of those who love myself I guess. I really think everybody are beautiful people and minds, until they do something that gets them in another light. I really tend to see people for how they are becoming, how they look and how I see them shining through in what they do. And I just want to see beautiful people, so I really do see everybody as beautiful.

So yeah, the evening continues, so happy to be back in the city, and with romantic comedy movies, perfect for a perfect night.


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