Traveling light

I just love to be out traveling, that’s when I work and function at my full potential, I feel. So yeah, a lot of traveling the other week got me all inspired for working even more to perfect the perfected I guess, and working myself towards the perfect. Hahahahahaha. I love that the pandemic seem to be milder nowadays and that the lockdowns and restrictions are a bit easier to navigate around for the warmer weather.

So, the continuing story in the trilogy might be getting a boost with the spring weather and just the general feel good feeling might get a boost as well.

Being a pure life person, without any toxins such as caffein and things like that in the body, I think is making the feelings a lot more clear as well. I avoided plastic packagings for ages and I think that plastic particles is affecting the mind as well, and I detoxed a lot, and I am eating detox / alkaline substitutes all the time, like chlorella and spirulina and MSM. So I think that really affects the mind, kind of. With being so clear, and avoiding toxic people and situations as well, in a way brings clearer feelings since I only concentrate at positive feelings, to maximize my being, and my time here and that makes me wanna be the best version of myself – physically and mentally and in every other aspect. I just can’t afford to waste energy at energy sucking things at all, it’s a waste for me, and my work and everything really, maybe even a waste for you in the long turn. So instead of having all the heavy weight within me, I am traveling light.


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