Back in the City

After thinking things through for a while I realized there was a few updates I could write about. With a feeling of a sucky hole behind me just reaching for every particle to sweep in, like a giant hoover, I realized I should just keep on running – and the days, unwasted in a way of the feeling of surviving, became today. So here I am, back in the City and in my apartment again, after a long story, and a bit of a travel, and a bit of a mess to clean up from moving things around and grabbing furnitures to the apartment – I am kind of happy to realize spring is here and the sumer being just around the corner. And the city scent – kind of nice – so am all up for what’s to come my way again.

So yeah, shredded some pounds and started the urban garden project in the apartment, ‘survival’ gardening might be a good thing with the Ukraine situation kind of very present here in Europe. So I am upscaling everyday and I am looking forward to have my own organic produce soon. And I saved most of the stock of sprouts for any bugout situation. It’s good to be as prepared as can be I guess. So I been literally dragging bags of dirt with the tube for my urban garden and I am just longing for a car again. So anyway, I am in town again, as. a good start for the spring – ready for some music sessions as it gets warmer and I am so looking forward to the sumer 🙂


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