Bonfire night

After having to get to terms with projects that turned into other directions than I was hoping for, I am actually super happy to be in town again. I love my apartment and I was lucky enough to keep it for the time I was away, so it was just as coming home after a bit of a journey. So we are up and running with school and everything again. So with everything starting to get more into normal I am thinking about the New goals I have to define and figure out and how I want things to progress – find New roads. It’s been a while with just picking up the pieces, I can tell you, but then again, I tried, and maybe there is a reason for everything turning other ways sometimes. And I do feel, even though it’s a bit of a set back, ( well let’s be honost Major setback) in a way it was maybe for a reason. The setback being most clear to me since my bigger goal was to move abroad with a bit of steps on the way obviously found myself back at square one again – so being back in town is a bit of a setback, to be real. But then again there might be New roads leading forward in other directions and making things worth it coming forward, we just have to wait and see. Being back in town made me realize that I actually missed it, so much, it was a feeling of coming home, and a bigger city has more to offer as a big city and it felt great to be in a more civilized place with the city energy and feeling that I absolutely love. So yes being back in the city is a good thing I feel. And ever since I first moved to this city ages ago it’s been my home even when I been out traveling and moving abroad, this is the place I seem to bounce back to and refer to as my hometown.

In the music making scene for me, the city is obviously the place to be and I even thought about starting a Facebook music initiative as for everybody to come to a certain place and just do music, listen make interactions make friends hang out build relations and network Everything really 🙂 An idea I had for a while since there is some outdoor open stages here in Stockholm, great for the sumer. So just a time and a day per week or something and just come as you are 🙂 I think it would be so great, so I am really thinking to progress with that, I mean it’s spring with sumer just around the corner, it’s buzzing city of pure energy, so I think that’s a thing I am just starting to do and if more people come – just join in it all together 🙂 all for a happy place.

I started briefly making some new electronic tunes and I am looking forward to some collaborations again 🙂 super happy for that actually 🙂 So I should be able to focus more at things that I want to do rather than doing things that I just need to do. So with everything normal being back in tracks, if I manage to get the guitar out of the storage, I might be hitting the streets this weekend just by pure happiness to make music again hahahahaha. Spread some happiness hahahahaha. Even thought to print t-shirts for it hahahahahahaha.

So yeah bonfire night here in Sweden tonight, major thing here in Sweden actually, I guess we are going to se it just nearby the apartment, I think the only thing I every year seem to think about for this bonfire night seem to be that I should have brought warmer clothes for the night.


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