Sunday Morning

I am kind of often into making music acoustic in the mornings, I just love the weekend mornings in general, and they are perfect for making music. So I started to record some of the sessions a while back, so that is a project that I want to continue, for my New goals list. Be up and running with the acoustic morning sessions. With my guitar in storage ( and the key – somewhere to be found hopefully ) and the piano far away, I am trying to figure out how to make sounds acoustic anyway, we shall see if I come up with something that works or if I manage to make some electronic sounds that sound acoustic all put together. I am looking forward to continue the project as soon as possible anyway 🙂 And I am looking forward to some real live session out in town in general 🙂

Today, is being spent with preparing for the week and getting everything in order, cleaning the apartment and a lot of urban gardening work. It’s growing wild here, super happy for that. I decided to save the name for a company as ‘Wild Thing’ I think that defines a lot of what’s around me at the moment and I love the song, is that with the Rolling Stones? Maybe it was a version with The Rolling Stones I realized as I researched it, since I had to check it out as I was writing this, the thing with that song seems to be with Jimi Hendrix ( Legends of Love, I listened a lot to that era of music, Love it ) So it seems that Jimi Hendrix made the best version of it in my opinion, as I found this at YouTube hahahahaha OMG 🙂 I got some guitar skills to work on 🙂 Prefect name either way 🙂 ‘Wild thing’ entertainment anyway hahahahaha.

I started some cucumber seeds a while back and they love the sunshine in my living room, as well as some tomato plants and a bit of herbs and salads and bell peppers as well. So I decided to start up micro greens again, bigger trays as well and we shall see how it goes. Since my eating habits was a bit disturbed for a few weeks I am having to make the RAWfood transition again, I kept it very vegan tho so it should be smoother and a good percentage being fruitarian / RAW as well – tho I have eaten more cooked and prepared vegan food to just be kind of normal than what I am used to, so I have to step things up again with the fruitarian lifestyle. And since I love to grow my own things, it kind of makes sense to grab bowls of micro greens as a base to my meals and topping it off with some fruits and veggies, and I usually make a sauce for my meals with sunflower seeds with lemon juice, in the blender or mixer to a creamy sauce, and a bit of water in it and a bit of veggies or union and what there might be in the kitchen, so it usually works great as a fruitarian. So there is non sweet fruits and sweet fruits in this way of eating, so most things that we normally refer to as veggies are actually seen as fruit, tho non sweet fruit, such as cucumbers peppers tomatoes, so that is awesome to have in the windows instead of normal houseplants I think, so that’s how I am forwarding things.

Anyway, it’s a perfect morning outside and I been out with Henry for a morning walk already. So a lot of sunshine for you today and I wish you a perfect day 🙂



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