Guitar – check

Today I was lucky enough to have a neighbor going into the storage as I went by, since my key was yet to be found, I could sneak in with him. So the day turned into something busy grabbing things from the storage, and washing and cleaning and organizing. So I almost got the TV up working again, and I found the guitar, so that’s great, super happy for that 🙂 I was laughing a bit when I unpacked some boxes and realized the way I am as I unpacked about 16 bottles of washing softener and 10 bottles of this and that hahahahaha, I just like to have my cupbords stocked up I guess, just as being in a mini shop, and they have to be in perfect lines and rows and in order with the labels facing forward 🙂

So I been busy all day doing apartment things and it feels awesome to get my things back in order as there ment. Yesterday I was spending the evening with the tube trying to get across town for grabbing some tables, tho I was without battery in the phone it kind of turned late and without a map and all I decided to buy some other tables sometime instead and what a project moving tables in the tube (!). And it was super late when I got back. So I just turned some cardboard boxes up side down for a coffee table until I find something nice, I would love to find something antique style that I can paint or something. I am trying to grab most of the things as used or vintage, I really like that, and I think it’s the best thing for bringing a homey feeling to any new housing, bring in some vintage furnitures and things and mix it all around with old and new 🙂 really brings a homey feeling I think even tho everything is newly put together, I would like that feeling of a home rather than a furniture shop and it’s good for the environment as well 🙂

So yeah, finding new things for the apartment and being super happy for the guitar being back on track with me for the upcoming weekend, so I am really happy and it’s really great being back in town 🙂



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