Hey Girl

Today turned into an exciting evening as I bumped into a friend from a long time ago. Sometimes things just has to happen for a reason, and this has to be meant to be somehow. As I first came back to Stockholm again, one of the first things that happened was that I saw this particular friend just singing a long walking by with headphones as I was waiting for the tube, OMG I thought to myself, what a welcoming back to the city again. And since I very rarely see her, I thought to miss the tube, that I was going into as I saw her, to speak with her instead, although I was in a hurry for a meeting so I had to leave it and get with the tube. Then about a day after I saw her again, and some hours after again, and again, and again and today – I was meeting her face forward as I was walking the pavement. Hey Girl, it’s been a while how are you? Is that so strange? I have had my apartment for five years and bumped in to her once in all those years, and then I see her five times in about a week. There has to be a meaning to that, I thought to myself. Yet so curious to find out. So we went back to my place and just continued our friendship as if we just met yesterday. Super happy for that.

I also managed to dust of the guitar today for a bit and started to think what songs I can make a good acoustic morning session with. So There might be a PJ session coming this weekend 🙂 And I started to figure out what songs I can actually make as in a good live set, with a guitar, and just hit the streets with if I want to and start that open stage idea I have, so I am starting with refreshing the material I do have and see if I have courage enough to try it out.

So I have to say an awesome evening, and I am super happy for spending it in great company 🙂


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