Today I finally seemed to have my shit together enough to bring music into my world again. I had to put it on the shelf for a bit while everything else was spinning around, and today I just had some time to bring out the guitar and continue a bit from yesterday with making a live set and also get used to the guitar for a bit of a longer sessions. So I was up for it somehow today and a bit more into it, hopefully it increases as time goes, so yeah after sometime with very sawr ( how does that even spell ) fingers from being unused to the steel strings of the guitar, I finally had some new music coming to me again. I just had to write it straight away to remember it, in fractions tho something that can work out, sometimes I just fast record things with the phone to remember new ideas. So anyway, new music coming ( hopefully ). I think the hardest part is to force forward lyrics, and I think that the lyrics really is the thing, it has to be at peace kind of, so kind of often I feel super drained for lyrics, and I think it’s energy going into it, so if there is any lack of energy I am without ideas for lyrics coming, something like that, especially when things has been a bit ‘off the road´ with everything else around me, lyrics seems to be so far away. So being back with lyrics again are kind of amazing to me and a sign of things going in the right direction again, hopefully.

So yeah, music weekend – it seems to become this weekend, and that I am very happy with, and I am excited about getting into collaborations again as I feel a bit more boosted energy wise.



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