New week

The weekend, as in Sunday, I spent with the guitar trying to get used to the steel strings again, as I started to record a new PJ session ( a project I started a while back with acoustic morning sessions ) . So the morning went to that, and then I just kind of stood up, and wanted to do something, so I decided to go out and bring the guitar outdoors instead. So nice weather. So I, anyhow, grabbed the guitar and went to Old town, and just started a session at the busiest street I could find. It was packed with tourists, and it was great fun 🙂 if I thought I had a bit of a stage freight before that, that thing was defiantly being cured hahahahaha. Crazy and fun 🙂 I had written a sign with my YouTube channel and details and thought to make a better sign for the next time I am going out with the guitar 🙂 So after an hour or two I was super super sawr ( spellings ) with ‘steel string fingers’, and even tho it was nice weather it could have been warmer I have to say – meaning today my fingers been mega sawr, but it was well worth it 🙂 Super fun, and being out and about meeting people and making them so happy, it was a great joy 🙂 I used to work as a bartender and it was a bit simular with making people very happy, and very kind of fun, bringing lots of joy to their day 🙂 So kind of a few people were grabbing their phones and recorded as they went by and made pictures and I was posing for everything I had really 🙂 children were dancing and people were walking by discovering a new city, since there was a lot of tourists. it was a great feeling. New roads and new streets and new everything 🙂 I had been dressing up a bit for the fun of it as well and it seemed to be appreciated hahahahahaha 🙂 Next time I am thinking to make t-shirts to sell within the concept of PEACE, and that’s what I was going for.

So busier weekend than I even thought and it defiantly got me a bit more happy overall after all that has been, so a good cure even for me ; make people happy 🙂

Besides that, I was out barbecuing and walking and just hanging out. And there is a new song on the way, that I am looking forward to continue writing, and continuing the PJ session recording as well, tho I realized the version I already have at my YouTube Channel is almost acoustic…. I post the already made version here, I love the song actually ( ) I am doing things without any form of pressure at the moment so it’s great that the PJ session gets up and recorded at some point, rather than that it should have been posted during the weekend. Tho I am really excited to get it recorded in a new acoustic way ( the first version is kind of dated and from when I first were learning how to record on my own songs so I mean there is a bit room for improvement hahahaha and I thought to make an electronic version as well ) Tho my steelstringfingers are slightly fu..cke..d for a couple days more I think so when it feels good – I am up for it ( tho that’s great since I got the tunes going within me for that new song I am writing so I am working with the lyrics in my mind a bit more thoughtful kind of I really like that 🙂 )

So yeah, I guess happiness is the big thing at the moment and if you are in town and feel for it you might as well pop by old town for the weekend, I might be there for the PEACE project 🙂



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