New morning session

So yeah, today I finally got to it, with the PJ session again. I’ll link it below. Yesterday I was around town for some shopping and fixing the urban garden a bit and I think most of the week just went for the general day to day things and a bit of everything without even thinking about it, and the urban garden in my living room, omg the cucumbers are running wild in my window, and I harvested a cucumber already and it seems like there are more to come 🙂 I am testing out various hydroponic solutions to grow in other things than soil for growing medium, so I’ve been spending some time figuring that out – how to grow in only water and nutrition basically so I been researching a lot at YouTube. Super fun and it seem to really work. I would like to grow my veggies year round indoors with lights so I thought to test it out when there is lots of light streaming in from outside this time of year anyway to make things work 🙂

Today I thought to grab the guitar and go into the city centre again, so I am waiting to see what the weather looks like today, I was up before five in the morning recording my acoustic song and walking the dogs. I really like this song and it was very nice to play it out at the streets last weekend since it kind of got people to dance a bit more 🙂 So I would love to bring a better version forward maybe an electronic is coming from me as well, so if anybody up for some collaboration I’d be super happy to make something with it 🙂

Anyways, it’s a new day and it’s the best day of the week so a super happy day for you and hope you like my song 🙂

Counting Cars -LINN

Counting Cars – LINN


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